The technology

The Piranha 100 is the only system in its class with a standard equipped water quality monitor. This device monitors the water purity level in real time and displays the P.P.M on the L.C.D screen. The multi color L.E.D. lights warn you when its time to change the R.O. membrane.

Simplicity & Portability

The Piranha 100 is simple, small and self contained. It can sit table top or can be hung to wall. The compact inline pre-filters cut down on weight and makes the unit portable.

This unit was specifically designed and built for small to medium grow operations.


Weather you are producing small 5 gallon batches of water at a time or keep a reservoir topped off at all times, The piranha 100 has the hardware you need to set up your configuration. Everything from faucet adapters and valve diverters to waste clamps and pressure boosters... You can do it!

Quality, Technology & Value

No other unit in its class offers the performance quality and the value included as standard equipment like the Piranha 100.

* safety range pressure gauge

* Digital water quality/membrane monitor.

* Auto shut off valve

* 4 Gallons per hour

* 2:1 waste ratio

* waste water drain clamp

Nutrient growers

Your nutrients were specially formulated to provide your high value plants the nutrition they need.

Tap water contains minerals that can build up, create PH lock outs and throw your nutrient formulation off.

RO filtered water puts you in complete control of the mineral profile in your nutrient mix.

Organic growers

Municipalities use harsh chemicals like chloromine and fluorine to disinfect the water and prevent bacteria from growing.  These chemicals do not evaporate from the water and must be filtered.

Disinfection of drinking water is great for humans but not for the living organisms in your soil.  These disinfectants kill all

Your soil is alive, Keep it that way!


I've owned the Piranha 100 for two years and it's still running like a champ!

@caligreen - Youtube grower
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