Activated carbon pre-filter - Replacement

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Fits:  Piranha 100

The activated coconut carbon filter is the second process in your reverse osmosis filtration system. The high quality coconut shell carbon stabilizes the water and removes organic & non organic compounds, tastes and odors. This Filter should be replaced every 6 months -1 year depending on the local water quality.

Removes:  VOCs, Pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic or noxious chemical compounds such as dioxin, styrene, benzene, chloroform, chlorine, chloride, phenols, tannins and some bacteria


  • coconut grade activated granular carbon for better tasting water.
  • Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM
  • Temp Range: 40℉-100 ℉
  • Dimensions: 10 " x 2"
  • Lifetime: Replace every 6 months -1 year depending on local water quality