Pirhana 100 RO filtration System

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 The Piranha 100  is capable of removing up to 98%+ of contaminants from your water source. The system comes equipped with a  pressure gauge which allows you to monitor and adjust the water input for maximum production.

The Piranha 100 is the only system in its class to offer a PPM membrane monitor.  This device monitors the purity level of the water.  The multi color L.E.D. lights warn you when its time to change the membrane.

This unit was specifically designed for use with hydroponic / horticultural applications.  The piranha 100 comes standard equipped with a 2:1 drain to clean water ratio to conserve water while also preserving the life of the filters and membrane. 

Piranha 100 includes:

  • 15ft LDPE 1/4 tubing
  • 2 suction cup tube clip
  • 1/4" inlet jumper tube with PPM monitor
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Membrane housing wrench
  • Waste water drain clamp
  • quick start instruction booklet
  • PPM pen included ( Limited time only )

Unit Dimensions : 14 1/4" X 5" x 5"

Box Dimensions : 16" X 7" X 7"

Do you need an inlet adapter ?

The piranha 100 comes standard equipped with a garden hose adapter but other options are available.

Faucet adapter:  installs to your kitchen or bathroom faucet.  This unit has both inlet and outlet to accommodate fresh and waste water from your unit.   fits faucets with 1/4" and 3/8" threaded connections.


Under sink diverter valve: Installs underneath your sink into the fixture feed line.  This unit allows you to continue to use your faucet and simultaneously feed your reverse osmosis system. R.O. feed can be shut off when not on use.  Professional installation is recommended.


Do you need more than 15 ft of tubing?

The Piranha 100 comes with 15 feet of LDPE tubing that can be used for both the waste and clean water sides of the unit.   Replacement tubing is available for installations requiring longer runs.   


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