Questions & Answers

  • Why does my unit produce so little clean water?

The piranha 100 is capable of producing 100 gallons of ultra clean water a day.  100 gallons is roughly 4.16 gallons per hour.    R.O. systems push water through a membrane at high pressure.  This is what makes R.O. systems so effective at remove contaminants from the water but this is also a slow process.   The Piranha 100 is specifically designed for small to medium home hobby cultivation applications.   Please read the resources section for guidance on optimizing your unit.

  • Does Reverse osmosis steal ions from my soil?

No it does not.  Reverse Osmosis removes most impurities from the water including minerals like calcium and magnesium.  These minerals are usually in your tap water, in small amounts.  The amounts of minerals in your tap water is not enough to significantly benefit your plant in any way.  

Organic growers:  roots take up nutrients from the soil.  Organic growers mix and maintain their soils my adding organic materials which contain essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.  In other words they do not depend on the water to deliver nutrients which should already be in the soil. 

Nutrient growers:  The specialized bottle nutrients you use were formulated to provide your plants with a perfectly balanced mineral nutrition.  Calcium and magnesium are included in the nutrient profile, There really inst a need to get it from the tap water. 

Unlike Di ionized water,  RO water does not use resins to exchange ions therefore it does not steal ions  from the soil.

  • Can I drink the water produced by the Piranha 100?

Technically ... yes you can .  It will not harm you in any way and is actually quite tasty.  Unfortunately,  High Pure Water filters has decided not to peruse NSF61 certification in order to keep the cost  of the units down

The NSF (national Sanitaion foundation) is an organization that create standards for food safety and sanitation to promote public health. NSF review and certification is very expensive. We do not plant on submitting our systems for review any time soon.   For this reason,  we must legally recommend that you do not use our filters for potable water.  

  • Can I use the Piranha 100 if my house has a water softener?

Yes!. Water softeners will protect the reverse osmosis membrane and make it last longer.

  • Can I use the Piranha 100 with well water ?

not recommended.  Depending on the hardness of your well water, you may require a water softener.  And while that may address low levels of iron or manganese, if these are present in higher amounts, then an oxidizing filter may also be in order. Otherwise, the rejection ability of the RO membrane will be compromised,