Organic gardening 101

Organic gardening 101

People have different ideas of what organic means. I’ve heard some say that organic means that plants were grown not using pesticides. I’ve also heard some say that organic means that the plants are grown outside in the sun. Both of these are correct of course but there is more to it. 

At the turn of the century we started using synthetic mineral fertilizers on commercial food crops.  Synthetic fertilizers are man-made mineral nutrients.  The invention of salt-based nutrients has allowed us to grow a great amounts food quickly.  

These man-made nutrients are usually salt-based and very easily absorbable by the plant as long as they’re within pH range. This is because certain nutrients become soluble and  absorbable at different PH.  
These nutrients have done a lot of good for the world but they’ve also decimated living soil’s.  

Before their were man-made mineral nutrients, people used manures and compost to provide the minerals that the plant needed to thrive.  Plants are not able to absorb organic matter. People depended on the organic matter to decompose in order to make the minerals available for the plants.  The decomposition of organic matter is a result of microbial activity. This includes bacteria and fungi. Microbes break down organic matter and converted into a plat usable mineral form.  

This is exactly how nature intended it to be. This is also how it has happened for millions of years. This is the organic growing!

The microbiology in your soil is very important when you’re growing organically. If there is no microbial decomposition there is no mineral nutrients. Maintaining living populations of microbes ensures that your plant stays healthy and produces to its max potential.

Caring for your microbes is done by providing a good environment and a good food source for them to thrive.  So what should the environment and food source be?

Microbes swim around and water. They’re very dependent on the water not just to get around but also for their internal processes. It is very important that good quality water is always present.  And there is no better quality than reverse osmosis filtered water.

The food sources can be any type of organic matter. The definition of organic matter is; driving from a living organism or it’s waste product.  Fish meal , bone meal bat guano , Compost, etc…

Maintaining proper soil temperature is also very important. Most microbes prefer the temperatures to be mid to high 70s.

Maintain these conditions add your plant will thrive along with the micro biology and your soil.